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Is a company of choice that has a variety of service offerings. This company is people based and its primary focus is the people before profits. Tshemba Holdings is a sole owner of individual businesses. We offer Psychological services, Transport and Tourism, Team buildings and Wellness services, Motivational Speaking just to name a few. We have branches in Mpumalanga and Gauteng, which makes it easier for us to reach as much clientele as possible.

Tshemba psychological services

Mr Manzini TT Clinical Psychologist

Tshemba Psychological Services Inc (TPS) is run by Themba Trust Manzini, a qualified clinical psychologist who is registered for independent practice as a psychologist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). The practice renders various psychological services, support, treatment and consultations for various people across all age groups.The services provided are not limited to the following but include: Psychotherapy (counseling, individual therapy, emotional support), Couple’s Therapy, Family Therapy, Assessments (Intellectual or IQ, Child, Personality, Psycho-legal, Medical Board, Neuro-psychological), Corporate (Group therapy, Staff well-being & support, workshops, lifestyle, well-being presentations), Debriefing and Trauma counselling. Psychological problems are predominantly affecting the occupational, social, and general functioning of individuals and companies. If left untreated they can usually end in worst scenarios that include severe social dysfunction, chronic illness and suicide. As such, psycho-education and preventative work is necessary. TPS is dedicated and willing to help in any psychological matters and prevention thereof. Looking forward to instilling hope in hopeless situations, and helping people to live fully to their potential, and deal effectively with their obstacles.



Tshemba Transport services is a division of Tshemba Holdings. This is a registered business with valid permits to offer transportation services to the public. Our main focus is to provide tourism services to all the attraction areas of our country. Our drivers has vast experience in driving and customer services and we pride ourselves for putting passenger safety first. Our business offering is for groups; Entities and individuals that may require local or interprovincial transportation



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